Reviews for "Tier"

Nice :D

Great Song, i have most of Rammsteins work, adn you made the video flow well with the song, great work :P

You should make somemore Rammstein based Flash films, that'd be sick :D

poxpower responds:

I'd like to diversify my production :o My meager meager production :/ Just don't have time to make any more.


One of my favorite bands. 100% Fresh tasty flash. I love you

poxpower responds:

I love myself :o You have good taste :)


now please do a KMFDM video

poxpower responds:

No. >:(
Those songs from Aladin are tempting though.


dude, that was so kick ass. this is my 2nd favorite. and u get a 5 every day!!!!!! i fuckin loved this!!!!!!!!!! more of this stuff would be good. i loved how dark it was.

poxpower responds:

hehe sweet 8-) I like your enthusiasm.

That was awesome

While I hear that the music is Rammstein and lyrics have nothing to do with this anmiation, for some one that has never heard of Rammstein or knows the language, like me, it all fit together PERFECTLY. I loved the whole industrial theme coupled with the perfect industrial music. The character design I felt was flawless (although I felt the robots were sketcy). Keep up the great work!