Reviews for "Tier"

damn that rules

that was badass man all i can say is wow

poxpower responds:

all you can say seems to be "that was badass man all i can say is wow". MAN I'M FUNNY. :/ thanks for review

Best Rammstein Movie Ever

This beats the crap out of Avacado Clock's Sonne movie from a few years back.

Great job! 11+

poxpower responds:

sweet 8-)
clocks suck. that movie was still cool


I enjoyed watching all the machinery at work. The fbf of the robot is a cool addition.

Way to go -poxpower-! This movie is definately going on my favorites!

poxpower responds:

yay Admiral8Q :) Now I can just imagine you with a pirate hat and a bottle of Vodka watching this. haha awesome. Thanks for the review and all :P

nice piece of work!

ok, this is real good work, man...
music and flash are really well put together (nice, this 'equalizer' in the control room and elswhere)
why you've chosen the song 'tier' of rammstein?
nobody will understand the text of this song...

poxpower responds:

Well I chose "tier" because of the awesome solo parts or whatever you want to call them ( the ones where I put the FBF). Those are just incredible. Best moments in any Rammstein song. And I chose Rammstein because I love em' and I didn't respect the lyrics because no on cares.

Nice Job

I am a fan of Rammstein, is thier any possibility you going to do more rammstein songs, if not tis ok but good job on this one, keep up with the good work!