Reviews for "Tier"


let me say a few things
1. rammstein is my all time favorite band
2. this is one of my favorite songs by them
3. im a huge KMFDM fan and a huge fan of brute's work with them... im guessing thats what you were going for?

i have to say you do it justice! i love this style of animation! please make more like this!

poxpower responds:

I never heard of Brute until today. I'll look into it, but I don't like KMFDM, they can crawl under a rock and die for all I care.
With the little time I can put on Flash, and the large amount of time I tend to put on typing nonsense on this site, I'd rather diversify than mass-produce. This video is unique, I'd like it to stay that way : )

Well Down.

Ending was great. Great song. Love your industrial style.

poxpower responds:

Wow one person liked the ending. :o


That was pretty damn cool. The music and the graphics were coordinated perfectly. The music was great. I went and got a copy of one of Rammstein's albums after seein this. Those last few frames were you saw those guys staring and thinking to them selves "Aw man we're fucked."
That was a very good way to finish it.


Good stuff.


That's one sick flash! If there were a video to go along with Tier, this would be it! I like how this music video tells a story. The animation was quite innovative as well.