Reviews for "Tier"


Tier: Animal
What does a man do
what does a man do
who can't tell the difference
between human and animal

He will go to his daughter
she is beautiful and young
and then, like a dog, will
mate with his own flesh and blood

What do you do
What do you feel
What are you
but only a

What does a woman do
what does a woman do
who can't tell the difference
between animal and man

She dips the feather in his blood
and write herself a letter
lifeless lines to childhood
when her father slept by her

What do you do
What do you feel
What are you
but only a Animal

>>Those would be the english lyrics to the song. Very well made flash, made my favorites list. [Although, it did have the unfair advantage of me being a Rammstein fan]


I love the black, white, and red color scheme. Very very cool movie! I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

poxpower responds:

Yeah I can tell people I put a lot of work into it too. But its not exactly true :o

very nice work.

I cannot imagin how painstaing that must have been to make, i mean you had to get everything in time and move in the right place and all done my drawing by mouse....shit, I wounln't be suprised if you at one stage said fuck it!. did you ?. plz reply spleen

poxpower responds:

No I didn't. Because it took a week to make. Nothing is timed perfectly :o Excpet the white flashes, which help a whole lot I think. I did say "fuck it" many many times though when I did that Trio piece of shit.

Great Job!

Even though the movie had nothing to do with the song, it captured the intensity with high artistic value. I especially loved the ending where the muslims saw their end comming in a massive shit storm. fantastic work of art. I'm wondering if you chose this song because of the imminent rape of the muslim hordes?

poxpower responds:

hahaha muslims. You ahve to be that guy who emailed me about the muslims. How the fuck are they muslims???

love the video

but tier is about sex...