Reviews for "Tier"


I don't know what else to say...awesome work. Made me go pull out my Rammstein CDs that I haven't listened to in forever;-) You should consider doing a flash with KMFDM's "a drug against war" like this.

poxpower responds:

no :o KMFDM suck. But that mortal Kombat song is pretty catchy and old and cool. But overall they suck. :p
Thanks for reviewing

Very nice!!

i must say im not a big ramstein fan but the mix of this song and your very cool and stylish animation made this video kick ass!

poxpower responds:

To become a fan of Rammstein, all you have to do is listen to Ashes Zu Ashes 2 times, then Das Model once, and come back to this Flash, and you should be a fan :o GUARATEED :p thanks

a flash with no flaws.

the only thing i could think of that would make someone not like this, is if they hated ramstein. but i dont so in ur face society!
go you man, gj!

poxpower responds:

...Yeah. IN UR FACE SOCIETY. Whatever :o


That was a cool movie, and had the coolest evil dude ever, though he did look a bit like Darth Malak from KOTOR.

Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea people like you exsisted... you kick madass! this was such and awesome music video, I just don't know what to think... i'm still in shock!