Reviews for "Tier"


Rammstein is my favorite band. The movie was well animated although it had nothing to do with the song but I know that wasn't your goal in making this. I always wanted to do something like this. But I suck at animating, so you beat me to it. (Go Rammstein)

poxpower responds:

there is very little drawing in there. Ok not really. The trick to bypass animating was to just create a couple of symbols and use them over and over. And over. But the movie is still 3megs O.o


I like the way it turned out too!

poxpower responds:

We're on the same page then 8-)
carry on


That was some cold shit. Good job dude. GO RAMMSTEIN!

poxpower responds:

GO ME!!!!!!


Yeah! Rammstein rock!
Robot could've been cooler (at least it wasn't anime)... but that dude was awesome. Awesome art... more than awesome music.
More... need more...
*starts trembling uncontrollably*

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other then that badass movie