Reviews for "Tier"


rammstein isnt one of my fav bands, but this movie captures the music pretty good... the same dark and grimy and kinda 'evil' scene we are used to from rammstein. and i really liked the scenes where you can see the drawn robots moving about and doing the battlemoves. the solo's by those scene ruled. good movie m8! every bit as worthy to be on the front page as 'bitey from brackenwood'

poxpower responds:

Woah woah there :o Bitey isn't in the same league haha. And I didn't work 11 years at Disney.


I was not hyped for another music video after that metal rose crap. Admittadly this one was alot better. But I don't really see the point of it all. There is just alot of repetition of things. Admittadly it is pretty smooth and the style is unique, but there just isn't enough interesting things going on to warrant high marks.

poxpower responds:

Yeah it already jams people's computers. Its like 3 megs. Any more shit in there and I'd melt everyone's comps down :o fwooooosh.

It's very booring

Though I gave you 10 for the hard work only... next time get some story... I didn't watch it much, but the graphics are great

poxpower responds:

listen to it :( Fewel.

okay the point is.........

it was okay


And what was the point........