Reviews for "Tier"


i wanted to watch this, but that damn white flash was just pissing me off every other fucking beat....started having a damn seizure....the drawing of the guy was really good, though, for what i did sit through....

poxpower responds:

Did you watch this in a dark room? While it was dark? Because the flashes do nothing to my eyes :o Maybe I have an ultra-resistant brain or something.

good but uhh.

it's going to give someone a sejeore

poxpower responds:

Sejeore lol


Good work with the Rammstein song. Loved the dark militant nihilism throughout the song. The factory operator totally kicks it. I always did love millions of robots being sent out to destroy humans. More song reworks like this would be good.

poxpower responds:

yeah I almost want to now. Almost. But I like doing nothing better :o

Awseome piece of audio flash

Excellent piece. I think that even though some people don't like Rammstein doesn't mean that it was not an appropriate piece for the flash (or vice-versa). Even if i didn't like them it was still the right combination. One suggestion (and i hate to monger like this) on some parts your timing with the music was off by an eighth or so. Not really that big but some people (like myself) will be distracted by it. The first time throguh i wound up looking for it and didn't enjoy it as much as i did the second time through. Just thought i'd let you know. I also like how you had some machinery synched with the guitars, and some with the bass, and some with the drums, etc. Alot of people think that if they synch with just the bass they have everything covered. Way to be different. I loved it. Keep it up.

poxpower responds:

*cough*.. hum Well if you saw any synch like you say, it was totaly random and not my fault, because I only synched the white flashes to like stuff. I guess with so many elements in the BG, something's bound to look synched :p


good video but Rammstein sucks

poxpower responds:

Not nearly as mush as In flames though :o