Reviews for "Tier"

\m/ rammstein rules \m/

itwas awesome.... Only issue is that the video really didn't go with the song.... that song would have been good for the song Rammstein(yes the band rammstein has a song called rammstein, on a CD called rammstein)... Or maybe Feuer Frie... But Tier is about incest... look up the lyrics some time. "Tier" mean animal, and the song is about how humans are no betetr than animals for we "lay with our daughters" in the song's words.... Other than that it was an awesome video, you should make a video for Feuer Frie on Sonne next ;)

poxpower responds:

I just find it mind-boggling that people would not figure out that I obviously know what the song is about. I made the frickin video, you'd think I'd look it up or something :o Anyways. Tier is a good song, so is Feuer Frie. In fact Feuer Frie would make awesome song for the sequel.


Good to hear that song again only negative thing is the flash it hurts my eyes.
and ik know where you got that evil character making robots, from the MIB animated series.

poxpower responds:

MIB animated show eh. I watched that show, and I have no idea who you are talking about :o


Its just...awsome.

poxpower responds:

well what can I say :o

loved it but

well as much as i loved it i ahve only one problem with it and that was the bit with the less "solid" robot sequences, but other then that i love rammstein so it gets a 5

poxpower responds:

Hmm. Yeah some people say it sucked, and most don't talk about it :o I just wanted to try FBF. It was fun to make. And now that I know what Onion skinning is, it'll be way less tedious NEXT time haha.


dude, that was so kick ass. this is my 2nd favorite. and u get a 5 every day!!!!!! i fuckin loved this!!!!!!!!!! more of this stuff would be good. i loved how dark it was.

poxpower responds:

hehe sweet 8-) I like your enthusiasm.