Reviews for "Tier"


Yeah! Rammstein rock!
Robot could've been cooler (at least it wasn't anime)... but that dude was awesome. Awesome art... more than awesome music.
More... need more...
*starts trembling uncontrollably*


Good stuff.

Its not complete!

Its mighty goos one, but goddamit DO THE FINAL BATTLESCHEME. I just want to start voting 5's instead of 4's to this.

Not bad

A very good conceot and it turned out really well. Though the animation did get a little stale after a while. And I'm not quite sure what war machines have to do with "Beast"...

i would have to agree with neo

i can see this took a lot of talent to make but it didnt keep my attetion for long enough and thats wen i can tell its not that good. Nice animation and all but to boring