Reviews for "Tier"


That's what Tier means in German, I think. Anyhow, sweet a$$ music man. Loved it. Loved the way you applied Beast to a mechanical warmachine concept. Good job.

YAH!! Rammstein!!

Rommstein is one of my favorite heavy metal bands and Teir is one of my favorite songs so yah. I like the industrial animation of the video its good stuff.

WTF! Nice work!

I like this movie somehow, but could you tell me why you used a song where a Father goes with his daughter? O_o

And I thought the song "Tier" was about incest...

So your near furure will be plagued by huge killer-robots sent out by a twisted cyborg?


Great combination of music and animation, great atmosphere (expecially the red black and white coloration) and the style was fantastic. The music and symbolism was greatly combined and synched. I see you where a bit inspired by Andrew Dickman's Rock Man Neo cartoon here on Newgrounds at the interludes.

All with all, great clip.


Great movie I really liked it and the song. If you read the english translation of the lyrics they really dont have anything to do with robots, but thats irrelevant