Reviews for "Kazmo - Zelda's Lullaby Intrp."


and i liked the tempo in the background, but the wind instruement you use (flute?) is a bit too loud. Plus, there's the spot where it slows in the middle down at 00:13. Other than that, good job.

Kazmo responds:

How is the flute too loud? And what's wrong with the slow down at around 00:13?

I did that on purpose, it's not like I screwed it up... :/

Anyways, thanks for the review.


now this brings back memories. i loved the origional but you have put a fresh spin on it while keeping it in the same tone as the origional. also not going drastically different to make it seem like its overkill. love the little beat you put in.

Such a good intrepretation.

I loved this game so much and this just brought back all the memories. You sir are a god. lol. nice job. You should make more zelda stuff cause ever1 knows it and enjoys the sounds.

Kazmo responds:

I was actually thinking of doing a Saria's Song reint. , or something along the lines.

Glad you like it. :3

Thanks for the review, the memories are epic.

good but...

this sond song is good but it's not as good as the other songs


i like it