Reviews for "Kazmo - Zelda's Lullaby Intrp."


I know a lot of people hate on Zelda remakes in the portal, but there's a reason they're so popular: Great with many instruments and can support all sorts of counter melodies.

Good work, although I'm not sure I like how it slows in the middle.

Kazmo responds:

Fixed LoL :P


Beautifully done. Though I agree that the pause at :13 is a little awkward, mainly because it breaks the tempo.

Loops wonderfully as well. Exceptional job.

Kazmo responds:



does the game right! good job.

Kazmo responds:



when i was little and got my nintendo64 the first game i bought was zelda ocarina of time:) u should make more zelda stuff cuz i love the pplz who make zelda stuff :D


I'm not sure what you were going for with the decreases in tempo but to me there is no "wrong" in music, just preferences i guess.
Nice work with this though, keep it up.
5/5 10/10
Check out my music if ya have time =)