Reviews for "H.O.T.M. 2 Part C"


i loved it! well done flash! loved the voice acting, and american headcharge rawk ^_^

cant wait for the next one :D


i was seriously hoping to actually understand what was going on!! but nooo, you had to conclude this cartoon with something that no one understands!! hahaha.
well, i'd say i agree with what they all said at the end of the movie... heheheh.
well, on a serious note, that kicked ass!!!
graphics were once again great. as was the animation. god, that fighting scene was mad. he was pretty pissed off, eh?
sound was also once again great. heaos of nice sound effects, heaps of good music, and as always great voices. i really liked the transformer voices, too.
well, overall that was a pretty cool movie, but hurry up and conclude it! haha.
also, that was a pretty nifty credits scene, just like you said! haha.
overall score: 8/10

too long

good but small amounts long

Wow that was great lots of detail

that was such a good movie i didn't catch the story line the the detail put into it was great Nice job