Reviews for "H.O.T.M. 2 Part C"


THe ending didn't really make sense to me. I thought thsi is the best one so far still. I can see some real improvements in your works. I have seen the CU series didn't see really that much in common with it. I liek the style and the sound. Graphics are ok, could be cleaned up a bit in the fight scence.


one of the best series ive seen in my life and doesnt get the credit it deserves. that ridicule beginning will make n00bs automactically click out on it and give it a zero. i loved this movie, the voices are real good! the jokes are very funny, all original jokes. i think you need to make many more, really awesome series. i think the characters have real good personality, i love how they act. keep it up man, you have an underated series that needs to get alot more attention then it does, i hope your aware of that. five out of five awesome!

Not Bad

The flash was pretty good. I have watched the other episodes and I enjoy the characters. Each one of them has a very unique and funny personality. The addition of jesus was great and that he couldn't drive was awesome.

Graphics: The graphics were pretty solid. Like I said I really like the characters. You backgrounds are really descriptive which I enjoy. what was up with the transformers dude kinda a rip froom CU series dont you think.

Sound: Nice job with the sound the voice acting was done really well each characters voice is different which gives them more personality.

OVerall: Not Bad 8

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, thank you for the review, but CU series? Is that the Transformers going to college cartoon? I saw the description in the series page I think but I've never really seen it. Transformers really DO exist out of flash, you know that right? I'm basically using the versions of the Transformers from the movie, so if there's a similarity to CU then it's unintentional. It's an ode to a movie that I watched all the time when I was a child. I'll have to see CU now though, for I am curious as to how the voices sound.

Hahaha! Ha.

Great as always, dood.
I get to see HOTM 3 before everyone else, right? ...right? Just like old times, man. Please? I know you're going to say no. Fuck you.
...no, I didn't mean that. Just let me see HOTM 3 before everyone else. :)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Ah ha ha!
Actually, probably not. I'm pretty much thinking there'll be no stalling when releasing the third, so there'll be no need to send it to you via e-mail or MSN. When HOTM 3 part A gets done, expect to see it here the day after.

Lol nice one

haha,loved the ending! but the animation on the fight scene wasn't the best - YET - I couldnt of done better:) nice work guys.. keep it coming

Bobert-Rob responds:

The funny thing about that fight scene is that I was really excited about animating it-Really really excited, wanting to get everything else done first. Well, I got to making this and realized the one truth obvious to man- Fight scenes between a human and giant robot are pretty hard to make. Honestly. Though I did my best, it obviously could've been better. I will definitely put more effort in the fight scenes to come- and yes, there will be a few.