Reviews for "H.O.T.M. 2 Part C"

I am a huge transfomer fan

and useing all of my nerdyness i must tell u that red transfomer was Rodimus Prime witch use to be hot rod but when optimus prime was destroyed in the Transfomer movie he gave hot rod the transfomer matrix which turned him into Rodimus Prime, My piont is check your sources before fucking up some continuity i mean why would somebody want to destroy the guy that died in order for that charicter to be created it makes no sense to nerds like me sorry i am really bored. i did like your flash u did a good job

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, ok. First of all, yeah, rodimus. Mmm hmm. First of all, the thing about this series is it isn't supposed to fit into the transformers timeline. It's more or less parody. Using the actual characters from the show is confusing, yes, but the parody is more about mixing the film 'The Matrix' and the Transformers movie than anything else. Also, the way I'm intending this toon, he's still Hotrod at this point. He ain't become Rodimus yet. Part 3 is a lot better than the first two parts, even if it isn't done yet. Thanks for the review.


He used Starscreams own weapon...Quite hitting yourself...Quite hitting yourself...Quite hitting yourself... *LOL* SS has a happy symbol. Jesus knows how to rock man. The style is awesome the animation flow so well in this one.

Lol! That was funny as hell....

I luved the whole jesus bit, and in all it was great to watch. It looked like you had alot of fun making the credits which were fun too watch too =3 fun series indeed...

((( COOL )))

Heh well the file size was huge, but like the last one it was great, and packed with goodies, these are unique and entertaining, you should make more, and congrats on the awards...



This is an awesome series i like it!!!