Reviews for "Greyscale Cloudwatching (Demo)"

good quality drums

Good drums, I like them really much. The quality of the the flute is good and the piano is also quite good. Guitar is acceptable. I think it's a quite nice song. With no major flaws. Sometimes it's almost a bit repetitive but then it immediately changes a bit, so, great job on that! I like the chords.

Overall: good song!

5/5, 10/10


Lamplighter responds:

Thanks for the review, Mjattie! I'm glad you thought the drums were good, I'm putting more work into those for the final version. I really like the Ban di (flute) quality, too. I tried listening to this without it, and it sounds absolutely empty. Guitar... yeah. I don't think it's as good as it could be. If you have any suggestions for a better sound, please let me know!

Again, thanks for the review and support! I'll work on that repetitiveness for the final version!

And I have found a favorite!!!

1. I am quite jealous of that flute sample, and would love it if you shared that info ^^
2. Love the drums and just about everything else
3. Dont beat yourself up for making this in only 4 hours, I find it simply wonderful.
4. Fits your story well!!
5. The only thing i think its missing...is a flash maybe...
6. yup....i can hear you're messing with effects now ^^ perhaps i should have reviewd this one first lol. some of the effect level can use some adjusting,
but other than that. 10/10 5/5 and a spot in my faves

Lovely job on the drums. perhaps they could have been brought out a tiny bit more,
but then again it could be these headphones :S lol anyway, fantastic job on this!!

Lamplighter responds:

A review from Twistedtechnology? Sweet! :)

You can find that flute sample here: http:// rekkerd.org/dsk-releases-asian-dreamz / It's called a Ban di, and to get the sound I got here I drowned it in reverb... Like I did with everything else in this song. :/ The drums... I'm liking them more each time I listen. I'm glad everyone else thinks the same way!

Now that I keep getting such good feedback, I'm afraid I'm going to ruin the song with the full version! I'm working on the mix now, and I should have it up soon. I'm interested to see what you think of it then. :)

Thanks again for the review, and for favoriting this!

Good song!

How did you make this song?

Lamplighter responds:

Um... I loaded a flute, guitar, and drums into Fl Studio, played around for a few hours making up melodies and parts, experimented with some effects, then exported it? :) Beyond that, it was just making things up in my head.

But thanks for the review, sir!


Reading your story and listening to the music is really cool. Nice song man!

Lamplighter responds:

Thanks for the review! It's always nice to know people like my stuff!

Nice story

This would go well with an animation or slideshow or something. Maybe a bit monotonous? Like you should have more dynamics in the song. A more quiet part or something. Anyways, nice job.

Lamplighter responds:

As hard as I look for dynamics in other songs and get frustrated when I can't find any, I can't believe I forgot them in one of my own. I'll definitely put some in when I finish the song. I could see this in an animation, if only there was a talented artist up to making one. Thanks for the review, lordandrew88!