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Reviews for "America Online (2004)"


First off, i have to say that the voice over acting was really well done it sounded as good as a real professional. The problems that you explained in the flash were great too, i have had trouble with these problems myself and so i guess that made me appreciate the joke more. The graphics werent bad but i liked the visual messages that came up to simulate an advertisement throughout, entertaining.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Could've been better, but it was pretty good.

I had AOL too, and that happend to me. That was good. How'd you get the voice of the person saying how great America Online is. (Not the guy on the computer.) Graphics could've been better, though. Hey, I judge fairly.

I dont have america online...is this true?

Hehe this is funny...man u make such funny flashes...

it's so familiar...

Well, this was a great flash. You know, I live in Norway and we have this thing called SOL. "Scandinavian Online". It's pretty much the same thing as AOL, with all the crap just in Norwegian.
Anyway, really funny flash, you have really stated your point here. Well, that is, if your point was to tell us that AOL sucks.
Then, in the end I would just like to say congratulations on another great flash!


I use to have AOL and that was the reason I got rid of it. It is so stupid and takes over your computer like a virus. Seriously, try uninstalling it and AOL makes you regret it. Anywho, great movie and it is very true. I laughed my butt off!