Reviews for "Bob's Adventure v1.0"

Original was much better.


thewasteofwebspace responds:

you mean Lunar Lander? are your eyes painted on or what?!



i gotta give it to ya, it DOES look like it took 5 minutes to make.
But it's strangely addictive.
i know that i'm going against my Dark aura, but hey. it RULES

Keep up with da works man;


(P.S. next time, think of a better name for the game!!)

thewasteofwebspace responds:

hey, thanks alot, glad you enjoyed.
heh, actually the name goes with the story... ill upload the new version soon. damn multimedia project changed criteria on me!

no exactly extremely original but...

no exactly extremely original but i still enjoyed it. Good techno loop but it would have been nice to have a bit more diversity in the music. Not bad

thewasteofwebspace responds:

fair comment. thanks for playing


that was kinda fun dude!

thewasteofwebspace responds:

kinda? KINDA?!
i mean, thanks for playing!

Pretty kick ass man.

I however DO like techno, and I liked the 'Exploration of Space' by Cosmic Gate.

I also liked the idea, I've played several games like it before and it's a good concept.

Good actionscripting, good music and fairly good layouts helped this game along.

Keep 'em coming thewasteofspace.



thewasteofwebspace responds:

thanks for playing