Reviews for "Bob's Adventure v1.0"

Nice but...

It was nice but I already played games like this, but nice work.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

thanks for playin

Nice game

I liked it. Its a clone of the moon landing game but w/e. And bob is bob thats why why its called Bob's Adventure. Because Bob is the aline driving the ship.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

wow. you predicted some of the story. even though i didnt mention it anywhere. great job. thanks for playing

Good Job!

great job i have one question though...Why is it called "BOB's Adventure"?

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Cuz Bob is the alien piloting the ship. not that i mentioned that... heh. thanks for playing

Fun Game

Really fun game dude you did a good job on it. The game wasn't really hard to get into there wasn't alot of controls. Its kinda like fighting games were anyone can play them but its hard as hell to master them thats the way I though about this game.

Graphics: I liked the graphics nothing to complex but they worked. The little thrusters were cool and gave you a idea of where you were going!

Sound: The techno was alittle annoying I would have liked to have a choice of music or maybe just alittle music in the background would have been nice.

OVerall: Fun Game 8

thewasteofwebspace responds:

hey thanks for the review. i wanted to make a nice simple game that kids could adapt to very easily, but would take them a long time to master. thanks for playing.

PS: yeah i agree, the music is annoying ;)

fun and addictive game.

The concept has been done before but this one had nice sparks of inginuity possessed by few people. Though there was one strange thing, if u press right and left at the same time both the side trusters go on. However, when the ship should go if when doing this its move instead like you're not doing anything at all.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

thats not a bad idea. I used to do that myself. like it would somehow thrust but not actually move :P
thanks for the review.