Reviews for "Secret of Mana - Not The End"


the guy underneath dont know wat hes talkin about plz this is excellent

TenchuX responds:

There's always at least 1 retarded anonymous poster :P, thanks.

edit: guess his account got deleted for spamming 0's on people

I love this one!

And to be honest, this mix makes me playt the game. Nobody would create a remix like this on a bad game? Guess I have my reasons now!

TenchuX responds:

get to playing it, great game!

Very Good

I like that you were able to maintain a very strong sense of originality while still making the theme noticeable. Have you thought of uploading any of your stuff to ocremix?

TenchuX responds:

This song is just for Newgrounds and VGmix.

I'm planning to turning in my Donkey Kong Country WIP song to the ocremix judges though.

Very interesting

Something new I heard here, on Newgrounds. Not an obsessive trance, neither a too slow light piece... It seems you've combined very well the sounds. Nice composition!

TenchuX responds:

Thank you


I'm really digging the beat, great job.

TenchuX responds: