Reviews for "Secret of Mana - Not The End"

i must say.

Its nice ot hear more remixes of secret of mana. That game had such a nice soundtrack. I'd say you've done a damn good job on this gave it a faster beat and added some effects and put your own sound into it! Lovely! Its got that original sound yet you've added your own sound to it. Good work!


Secret of mana, Favorite game

Secret of mana - Not the end, Favorite fan song.
Please do more like this, its great

Brings 'Em Back...

I used to have Secret of Mana. This song brings back sooo many memories... And its well done.

Keep it comin man.

TenchuX responds:

Thanks... you should changed that "used" to "have." :)! One of the best games ever.


It has all the parts musically except the execution. You need to redo the levels and pans (etc.) of the tracks, mesh it all nice, and then maybe it would truly be 2nd place. 5/10 because it simply doesn't suck, but its not 100% PRO yet, fvck this stuff up man!!!!!!!!!

Thx for the song

TenchuX responds:

uhh thanks I guess lol. But I have edited and perfected this song as is to the best of my liking. I like where the sounds are, how they are panned etc. Most all of my music friends agree, many of who hang on ocremix. The only suggestion ive ever had is the make the saw synths, square and to slow the BPM to make it a "slower, dreamer" song. Wouldn't expect to ever see an updated version of this song again. Unless I had the urge to change some stuff up and make a slow version... but that's unlikely to happen.


lol i dont no wt u guys onabout 50+ on the rating this awsone

TenchuX responds:

thanks :D!