Reviews for "Secret of Mana - Not The End"

MIDI is Superior

The original MIDI version felt softer and more akin to SoM. I feel that the instruments in this piece don't seem to complement each other as much. I prefer the MIDI version but didn't know what it was called and who it was from. Thanks for that.

/silent kill on narutochan1

sry. seen an enemy ninja and had to take him out. great song by the way. NINJA VANISH!


SD rules, and your version of this song credits it beyond my expectations. :)


All my 10 r belong to this. Although this repeats a short loop (as far as I can tell) it doesn't get boring. very nice. Why has OCR not accepted it?

TenchuX responds:

No loops in here lol. Not sure what would make you think that. OCR's not accepted it because I've not submitted it. I've redoing the song (making it slower) for an OCR project.... personally I prefer this version to the slow one, but that's what the project manager wants.


With the way you remixed it, it almost sounds like it would fit the final dungoen more than the intro though. Not that this makes it bad in anyway. You lost one point for a little too many clipping moments. Other than that, great work. Keep up teh musiks.