Reviews for "Secret of Mana - Not The End"


I don't have much time so I just make it quick xD
I just wanted to say that this song sounds so beautiful!
Great use of different sounds =]
I think only the volume of the piano could've been lowered a littlebit.
But overall this song is just beautiful!
Hay, have you tried to submit it to OC remix yet?

Keep up the good work!
- Paragon

Downloaded =]

TenchuX responds:

Much Thanks. I agree I could tell there were a few spots where the piano could have been lowered a bit. The guitar also was slightly too loud on a note as the choir came in. She Was Dreaming in the Rain is my favorite song I've done (strong sentimental value), however this would be #2 even though it wasn't a full effort by me.

As for this going on OCRemix, I've thought about it; however, I don't know if I'll ever submit it to them. I feel it has a shot of getting in or at least getting a (resubmit) from the judges. It just depends on other stuff... like me contacting Destiny after 4-5 or so years. I originally did this version of the song in 03 or 04 with FL4 built in synths and some soundfonts so it sounded like... crap. (I still do use a few soundfonts in the song though). It also was missing other nice things I've added over the years to give the song more life/going on in it.

I've also thought about adding an original fully orchestrated minute or so leading up to the song. If I ever do submit this song to OCR it will probably have more added to it in the beginning or end... or both? It will also be a collab assuming Destiny gives an OK. We'll see what happens... I also want to save up and get Symphonic Orchestra Gold and maybe revamp the song one more time... it just owns Edirol overall + I want the best possible sound I can afford if I go with the original intro/ending added on.

Anyhow, thanks for the review. I liked your original 8-bit song btw. Would fit perfect in a side-scrolling shooter.