Reviews for "Secret of Mana - Not The End"

very gd.

very nice,
I'm pretty much speechless.

TenchuX responds:

glad you enjoyed it.

o yeah

Great beat, incredible song, nothing more you can do with it except watch it rise to the top of the list.

TenchuX responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

Ah ...Memories

I'm reminded of all the awesome songs the awesome game brought...this one sounds so NICE!Should thank Newgrounds for such stuff tat bring back good memories :)...

TenchuX responds:

Newgrounds definitely is a good place, aside from the crazy vote based ranking system. Glad you dug this up and enjoyed it!

Ahh, the memories...

I was humming to this you know?

TenchuX responds:

Definitely worth humming.

excellent remix!

everything blends together and its just...............awesome!. Great job!

TenchuX responds: