Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"


this game is so cool that i can play it over and over and NEVER get bored... this DEFINATLY deserves a 5.

Adventures need more nudie goo scenes

Playing a game in which you collect things and talk to people shouldn't make me as happy as it does. The amount of joy that puzzle adventures give me is great enough to worry a fair share of practicing physicians, but that's a topic for later.

The dialogue has a fair share of wit and gave me a chance to grow fond of Hiro and the people in his village. The game is richly detailed and the music track, even if it does play over and over and over again, was catchy.

Some of the solutions to puzzles didn't logically make sense and re
quired the old "click until something happens" procedure, but who really wants too much realism? The ending is pretty anti-climatic, and after a while Hiro's quest becomes vague and forgotten.

Legend of Hiro is good work, solid, fun, and charming. I'm looking forward to a possible return from Hiro.

decent game

the whole glasses with the girl in the barrel thats the secret now what was the third item i had to get the confusious girl and how do i get it? i got the other two items but thats it help me out here email me aim me at ptakats with the answers

censorship goo can kiss my ass!!!

everyone, if u didn't know this by now, there are 2 secrets to find. first, after u get the sword, go to the area with the panda by the scroll and cut down the tall leaves and you'll find a machine. next, walk down under the trees in the same area and you'll find a fish. put it in the pot u put the berries in to make a red fish. go back to the machine and put the fish in it to get the sun glasses and a password. go to the girl with the goo on her (giggle...goo...lol) and use your new shades. enjoy!!!

Very nicely done.

Well this has to be the single best flash game Ive played yet, a perfect ten goes to you.