Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

great but...

im stuck. i have the goo dude and scroll and berries but im stuck there.

Visual-Noize responds:

Try to camouflage the berries so the guard doesnt recognize them as slumberberries anymore ^_^


Great game! I really like the style of this! Aaaand, acording to the secret... you making a sequel <_< >_>

Visual-Noize responds:

Right! ^_^ Thanks for the review!

excellent game

please make a full game out of this, every single part of this game was great, and professional. this thing definetly creates its own feeling, that you can get lost in. congrats on such a great game.

Visual-Noize responds:

Thank you ^_^ I´ll make the following parts longer... oof, so much work.. ;)


all of you sre complaining about the diologue but i liked that it actually had a story. only thing it needed was for u to use the sunglasses on ALL the girls. mmmmmmmmmm boobies..........of wait. ya i luved it make more until u die....or go blind :D

Disgustingly COOL!!!!

How the hell did you do that? That was nasty cool! Is there gonna be a sequel? Damn RIGHT there SHOULD!! Keep up the good work! That was the best flash game evah!