Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"


Great stuff man. True, it was a bit linear, and a bit too trial-and-error (why should I have logically figurd to put the berries in the dye or put the fuzzy things in the panda's ears?), but it was slick. Good presentation, reminded me of an SNES game. A little combat wouldn't hurt in a sequel, and you wouldn't have to make it complex or anything.

Visual-Noize responds:

Thanks for the review!
Yeah, there will be combat in part 1.5 ^-^


Could someone please tell me how to get the woman unstuck from the barrel, I love this game, but I'm as stuck as her!

Visual-Noize responds:

^_^ Thanks for the review!
Read through the comments, there are some useful guides there ^_^


This guid was originally written by Kelv.
I added a ton of shit that he left out and went more in-depth.

Sword : First get some blue berries from the lady outside your house. Now get a bird from the lady behind the desk. It will also give you a feather. Use the feather on the tiger and he will sneeze on you. Use his boogers on the schnappsmachine to fix it. Dip the blue berries in the bucket of red stuff. Feed the berries to the woman guard and steal her sword.

Scroll : Get the bird from the lady behind the desk. Use the bird on the tree (located one area above the area where you got the bird) He will bring you down the necklace. Giev the necklace to the drunk. He gives you fuzzy dice or somethign, use it on the panda thats guaarding the scroll (one area right of the drunk) now you can steal the scroll.

Goo : Goto Hiro's house and get the bottle with a ship in it (located on his desk). Use the bottle on the termite mound, now you have termites in the bottle. Use the termites on the barrel that the girl is stuck in (same area the scroll was in)

Finish the game: Give all 3 things to the girl who has a werid ball moving around her head (the one that gave you the blue berries) and she will make for you the sword :D now goto the big door where the samurai bitch was at. Use te sword on the bigass demon.

Secret : after getting the sword go to the leaves (where the sleeping panda is (that map) and use it on the leaves you will see a odd machine . Ok to let it work go to the inconsipicuous spot (where is it you say ;) . 1. go to the sleeping panda's weapon the one wif a evul skull then walk all the way -> walk till u cant anymore and go south all the way south u should be in the inconspicuous spot .click on this icon >> the one wif 2 hands and 1 head . you will get a herring ;) ok next
you need to get the machine to work the schnappsmachine . once it's working go to the empty pot (which is now pot wif mogoronechnapps) use it on the pot wif mogoronechapps and you will get a red herring :). go to the odd machine and use the red herring .you will get a sunglasses right ;)? go to bakashu (the girl in the barrel) help get her out of the barrel and use the sunglasses on her


I hope this helps ^_^
Still having trouble? Contact me on AIM I geuss.

Visual-Noize responds:

Coool! Thanks for the bombastic walkthrough!


the game is good but the final part when you have to use the sword...its frickin hilarious...big bad demon *click* *dead demon* *laughs histerically*

Visual-Noize responds:

Bwahahahahaha ^_^ That´s a good one :)

This Game is AMASING!

I usualy never play Flash RPGS on new grounds cause im usualy prety bored with them but this one was different! it was fun all the way threw although i was pissed off about the whole you cant see nudity but when ever you used the wrong item it was HILARIOUS! god its funny really really funny and the graphics and pictures are amsasing there definitly needs to be a sequal! might i suggest a battle system?

Or not witchever i just thought havein a battle system means more playing time. And...just for the hell of it a downloadable version where you can save!

Visual-Noize responds:

Yeah, I´m currently working on a RPGsystem where you can battle, upgrade and save (and more things regarding the girls ;)