Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"


What a breath of fresh air this game is to me! I absolutely adore this music, did you guys make it yourselves? Or where did you get it from? I love it. ^_^ I'd imagine this game took a while to program...this is going in my all time favs. =D

Visual-Noize responds:

Thanks! You´re going into my all time favourite reviewers list ^_-
I got the music from a friend.



This is by far one of the best submissions i have seen on newgrounds. You should totally make this a full length game with different areas / lands....make battle sequences...the whole 9! I would definately buy it.

Nice addition of the hot anime girl closeups.

Visual-Noize responds:

I´ll make a more RPGlike part 1.5 ^_^ so stay tuned!

Well done!!!

This is one of the best games I've ever played on newgrounds. it too me a while to finish too, the graphics are great and the Idea along with it. If and when you make a sequal please make it longer and add more "secrets" to it. Finding that was a chalenge too but I did it.

Visual-Noize responds:

Thanks for the review :) ^__^


"To snatch the whole cage with its content straight from under the eyes of the vendor, I'd have to increase my Stealing-Skill by atleast 150%."
I think in Real Life my Stealing-Skill is 200% better then this guys, Mwahahaha.

Cool game. Seemed sort of boring though (i guess i like fast paced games where you just shoot bad guys and win/lose and move onto a different game)
The only reason i kept playing was because it says "Mild Nudity" and i'm curious as to what happens =]

Visual-Noize responds:

^_^ Try to find the secret, there´s the nudity ;)

this looks profesional

Graphics in this game are SUPERB. Most profesional looking game i have seen here on newgrounds.
But what i really like on this game is the music haha just love the catchy little tune that's playing during the game.
I'm waiting for the next game that you make keep up the humor.