Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

VERY Good Game

Really kick a$$! I loved it. It is challenging but not too hard. And the secret is pretty cool. Good work on graphics and all.

Best RPG on New Grounds

great job with this, i agree with masterofdarkarts, you should make a sequal.


That was one hell of a game! Beautifully made, visuals were good (although I would have prefered using the shades on Bishoku instead, heh...), the songs do get a little annoying but its a happy, cheery kind of annoying that makes the game seem much more... authentic, maybe? Anyways, amazing game, keep it up! Make another soon! (And maybe some more Bishoku...? *cough*)

excellent, excellent work

i love anime and i love anime based games so obviously, i loved this flash. a very cool and simple storyline and characters. a normal difficulty game, some parts a bit more mind bending than others but it's still great. art was great and sound too. everything about this was just amazing. play and you'll enjoy.

Greatest game ever

The style of the game was wonderful. I hope you will make a prequel fast, cause I really want to play a new adventure with Hiro. Great work, man