Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

I warned that girl that she was too big for that barrel and she shooed me away so that she could get undressed...I guess I was the one laughing when she got stuck and found herself unable to move anything below the shoulder.

still fun after all these years. a classic.

T'was quite nice but sadly, way to short...
The art was really eyecatching, but I would like to see more possibilities of what thee could do...

Really? You where so lazy you draw just one naked portrait? Anyway, it was a fun game, could have been longer.

Dissapointed... This word says it all... Short, boring, not a bit of challenge, annoying music. The only good thing is graphics and i don't mean portraits of few anime chicks. Dialogues could save it from total disaster but you didn't make another Bard's Tale.