Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

hey ?

i like da game but da onli problem is how do i get da bloody sword someone plz how how do u get da stupid fruit for da stupid guard woman

kick ass game but needed to be longer

basiacally i summed it up in the opening but it just so desperatly needs to be longer if it was longer i thinks it would get perfect ten overall from me


but it was too short

It sukt a bit

Man its too boring you have to make some actions in it like blue beams or explosions c'mon if you make a little sci-fi in it you this will be great! Nice scripting anyway!


Definately front page material.It's nice to see that someone can have humerous "adult themes" rather than just having...well...adult themes.You don't need to throw hentai in there to grab people's attention,unlike other games,and like a lot of people here,I'll eagerly await a sequel.