Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

Great Game

Overall this is an excellent game. Please make more.

The only thing that is annoying is that you have to use the mouse and you can't use the keyboard. Perhaps if you could press enter during dialogue instead of clicking, it would be better.


i like the thing with the shade

to let you all know to get the shades ,go to where i panda is (the sleepin 1) go to the bottem right of the screen and you will get a fish wonce you have that you will need the red goo (the mogoroneschapps) from the pot next to scum dip the fish in it and or the right of the sleepin panda is some leaves cut the with the sword you will get and use the fish with the lil machine behined them and you will ghet glasses use them to see a pis of the womn in the barrel (ocne the termites and distroyed it) lol happy huntin

but very nice game


Dude, I think you know how to make a flash game...you got everything right with this one, I don't know how it could have been better, except to make it a little longer. Other than that, I wanted to pee my pants because it was so good! Keep 'em coming!


This is the best ng game i ever played!


First if you want to. Read the first lines from his grampa. Or just skip the whole thing. Then when in your house. Go to the Ship in a bottle. Get it. Then go out side and talk to the lady metitading. Then get the berries. Now go to the girl selling birds and get the bird and feather. Then go north and talk to the panda that's sick. Then use the feather on him to get snot. Use the snot on the machine in the market place. It will start working. Now use the berries the lady gave you in the empty pot there. Now go north past the sick panda and there will be this warrior girl. Talk to her. She wants something to eat. Give her the berries and she will fall asleep. Grab her sword. Now go back to the market and head east. There will be a Sleeping Panda. Well first try to steal the scroll a couple times till Hiro wont do it. Now go to the leaves and cut them with your sword. There is this secret thing i never found out about that thingy behind the leaves. Then go down and talk to the girl in the barrel. Then go to the place where the girl was sleeping. Go to the Termite hole and use the bottle. Then go back the the girl in the barrel and use the temites on her. Then she will give you goo. Go to the sick panda and use the goo on the ballon tanks. Then go talk to the drunk old bum in the market place. He wants necklesses. Go north and go to the tree. As you see there is something hanging. Use the crappy bird and get the neckless. Then go to the old bum and hell give you a bair of plushy dice. Go to the sleeping panda and use the dice on it. So he wont hear anything. Then grab the scroll and head back to the meditaiting person. Talk to her. Then she'll make your sword. Then go back to the gates. and talk to the bad guy person. Then when you see the dragon. Walk up to it and ues the sword. Enjoy the ending. Kind of...

sword guy

to get the sword you take the feather from the bird chick, tickle the panda with the cold, use his snot to fix the wine maker. Then dip the sleeping berries in the wine the garud will take those form you and fall asleep, now you can steal his sword. Oh ya nice game man keep it up