Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

mm,nice secret!

Great game overall! would love to see a sequel!

cool man

this is best game and the girls are wearing superb clothes but they should take off their clothes and nice tits

good game

nice pic's

nice game, dude

two more things: one : i bet the glasses are just 'cuz you're a little perv
two : where is that sequel man?


For the game its a 6 but for the secret it gives it full ten. and if You want to get the secret You have to free the girl in the barrel and have the basic sword. go to the big leaves and click the sword to reveal a machine, then go to the bottom right corner of the area to find a 'secret area'. click the touch button to find a fish put it in the red sauce and give it to the machine to open a dialog. skip it if you wish. when the dialog is over you get a pair of sunglasses. go over to the goo covered girl and click the sun glasses. enjoy the secret. (secret for guys eyes only)