Reviews for "Banana Fingers Ep. 2"

needs a plot

this is how banana fingers should look but it shouldn't be him running through a forsest.


Try making something worth watching. I meant that as a constructive criticism.

looks like salad fngers, but nothing happens

that banana fingers actually looks alot more like salad fingers than the last one, but nothing happens, i even waited until the whole song was over to see if something happened, but it still kept looping the same animation.

oh dear... -___-;;

To the person who commented before me, this is supposed to be a "parody"... That's a big difference than just merely copying something. However, this wasn't a very good parody. I'd hate to rag on something that's about four years old, but still... I couldn't even watch the whole thing. It was just really... boring -__- Nonetheless, I'm giving this a "2" since the animation was pretty good. The content though.. eh.. that left something to be desired.

Umm... nope.

Worse than the first, apparently. Sorry. I won't be watching any more. But... but nice job on the animation. I bet it was kinda difficult.