Reviews for "Banana Fingers Ep. 2"


Okay, you got the graphics right, but now you've lost the few bits of Salad Fingers' style that you had in the first one, so I'm gonna give you a lower score.

thats all...

At least the song is fun and the graphics better than the first.

Toooday I am going.. To try to find.. Fraaaance...

Don't really like it... Kinda like it. Don't like it... Kinda like it, Don't like it. I-.. I don't like it. Okay, I like it. I LIKE IT!! But seriously, for some reason i really do like this. :P

This is so boring

Is that all that happens? Dont complain if none of us watched it all the way through because the music ended and then he just continued to walk?

for the love of mental clinics will this ever end

this fing is so bad it makes salid fingers look good witch is not the point a a parody
fink about this next time