Reviews for "Banana Fingers Ep. 2"

wtf was that?

i was hoping there would be a surprise twist to that, but in a its crappy splendour...there wasnt, as a matter of fact...im so dissapointed ii might just have to watch an episode if salad fingers.....all in all, i give that a c- for crap

What the heck?

That has got to be one of the dumbest episodes of banna fingers I have ever seen. All he does is walk through the forest with some dumb song called sandman.I'm a pretty big fan of Salad fingers and a little fan of Banna Fingers but I have to say that was pretty dumb.

I am happy

It made me feel all happy and warm inside!

Come now

+Smoothly looping
+All the others are so good

-Not "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
-Doesn't belong in your series!
-Dry. Tasteless. I don't get it.


that was terrible.. the same animation loping over and over to old singing music.. come on man.. not even funny.. not even a plot.