Reviews for "Banana Fingers Ep. 2"

dude, thats just pathetic

you just took a scene of salad fingers walking, changed his head and fingers colors, added a background and a foreground, added some cheery music, and made it a loop. blegh. next time go for people to like YOUR work (and i mean like eps 1 &3) not this. you could do better. really.


better animation,but as atomic02 says,it is at the cost of content.i also agree with IamWeird3.add a plot and an ending and i would have enjoyed it.

Unique style

This flash had a very unusual feel to it. It was an obvious tribute to salad fingers and an indirect "sequel" to banana fingers 1. Plus I enjoyed the artwork in this because it gave off a nice cheerful feeling. But the fact that this lacked any plot as well as dialogue really takes away quality. If you didn't make it a loop and turned it into an actual cartoon I would have loved it.

Nice loop you have there

Well, I was wondering why the quality of graphics made such a jump, but it seems it was done at the cost of content.


i ageer with the guy blow me