Reviews for "Banana Fingers Ep. 2"


is this movie considered a parody of salad fingers just because banana fingers is based off of him. ive watched the other movies in the banana fingers series and they are much better than this piece. wtf is supposed to be happening in this movie. salad fingers itself made more sense than this and thats saying something.

Better than 1

I was hoping fora contination from 1 and the idea of banna + monkey = something. I was quite badly let down.


I regret what i said earlier, its actually pretty good....

keep it up!

It ain't all that bad

I thought the music went really well :)
It still creeps me out in the weird "Firth" way..
I guess some people just aren't satisfied unless some blood is shed

super-duper CRAP

1-st: the animation loop sux
2-nd:the whole episode is this fu'kin' fu'ked up loop
3-rd:the song is too long (but is good oldschool retro sh't)
4-th:i don't think the author has any sense of humour
5-th:i don't think tha that CRAPPY serrial should continue, it should be deleted for the good of us all.It is lousy and pathetic, LAME!!!