Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8"


it sounds a bit megaman-y to me

god man

this like sticks in ur head after u hear it. ur music never gets old man keep it up


It's great how 8-BIT tracks are starting to come back, and what you've done is create a song that feels like the perfect revival track! Can't wait to hear more!

You didn't lie

This sounds sooo much like it's straight out of a megaman game, but I'll believe you =P..

I wish I knew how to get/create 8 bit sounds :D.

Anyway great job, you just need to go back in time and you could be a lead composer for CAPCOM. Sweet, keep it up...woah nicely looped.


You would've fooled me!

I seriously would have mistaked this for a megaman song. Its got that high spirited beat to it and truely makes you think you are playing one of those old gaames from the past. I bet i could have taken this to a big megaman fan, ask him which song this was from, and they'd probaly would never guess it wasnt from any! Great job again, paragonx9! Great job ^^