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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8"

FIRST 8-bit track?

Don't you mean Best?

dun de dunnn

loves it lots and the little chirp near the END maid me laugh!
but the reson this song gets 5/5 10/10 IS IM STUCK IN MY ROOM PLAYING TETRIS AND POKEMON AGEN COS OF THIS !
download +1 +1 when i get home aswell!


I can only but repeat AzureGear's review, for this tune, si by far the best I have ever heard of either 8-Bit or Chiptune. and when I heard a good chiptune I worship it. This song is just done so well, the variety in verses, it's so good it's difficult to point one particular thing about the song.

over the first couple of days of listening to this I racked up almost 300 listens to this song, that is how much I love this song I can "sing" to this song near perfect. I give you a 10 for perfection :D

I looooove this!!!

This is the best 8-bit song I heard so far!!! Good job man ! :O !!!
Woah, really, I'm impressed, magic skills you have there :)
I'm getting down to this! =D This is so relaxing and awesomely rhymed, pure piece of epicness..!
Just, Congratz!
Downloading, definitely :D