Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8"

Mind Blowing

I Love the 8-Bit mix what i really like is the start of it and the rest is mind blowing 10/5

Very good for a first 8-bit track

It sounds Megaman-inspired, but still manages to have it's own style. It also doesn't sound repetitive.

I would want to use this in a game of mine and I've already sent a PM about it to you.

One thing:

Paragon, see yourself in front of a mirror. You are seeing a master in 8-bit tracks. Do more, with worst or better quality, but do more!!!

kinda cool

you have to try motr of this 8-bits musics ;D
and megaman ...i like :S


8 bit tracks seem to be "cute" on here. I think it has to do with that little tank bouncing around and moving back and forth in the GFX.

I like this song aside from that general observation..as well as all ur stuff.