Reviews for "-Welcome to metropolis-"


i really like the 8 bitish beat its sick, and the vocals are pretty cool! what did you use to make it?

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! fruityloops 7 :)


Didn't think I'd hear anything as cool as "Race Around the World" again. I was wrong. :3

Waterflame responds:

Yay :D thank you! and lol awesome name X3

great song....but...

WHAT ARE THOSE VOCALS SAYING??? i only understand the part you wrote...

Oh dear sweet God.

I cannot stop loving this song. Just like I stuck -Jumper- and -Race around the world- on loop on my iTunes, -Welcome to metropolis- is going in my ultimate favorites playlist. And contrary to to other reviews, I don't find the vocals to be too obstructive. In fact, it even stops the tune from being too repetitive. As always, you are THE UTTER AWESOME when it comes to techno music.

Waterflame responds:

aww, man, thank you :D glad you like it :D


thank you this is great!!! keep it up!!!