Reviews for "-Welcome to metropolis-"


Good song. Can be heared multiple times in one shot =D

You my friend.

You are basicly the one and only GOD in techno. If there was a Nobel Price in music. You would have won it time after time untill the end of this millenium.


Holy crap this is awesome! Too bad this didnt get into castle crashers like the other songs.

Oh dear sweet God.

I cannot stop loving this song. Just like I stuck -Jumper- and -Race around the world- on loop on my iTunes, -Welcome to metropolis- is going in my ultimate favorites playlist. And contrary to to other reviews, I don't find the vocals to be too obstructive. In fact, it even stops the tune from being too repetitive. As always, you are THE UTTER AWESOME when it comes to techno music.

Waterflame responds:

aww, man, thank you :D glad you like it :D


This song is just epic. i dont know how to explain it

Waterflame responds:

haha, epic works for me, thanks :D