Reviews for "-Welcome to metropolis-"

Hell yes

Damn good man :D I think i have a little gay crush on you :O
And tja dit till Norge ;) From Finland here, but i'm still a swede.

Waterflame responds:

Lets make me pregnant! again!
nice :D thanks!

Not your best

But still good. That voice, or noise, or whatever, in my opinion is a detriment to the song but I could never live knowing I gave Waterflame less than a 10. Still fantastic work and keep it up. I HATED techno/ drum and bass untill I heard your music, now im much more tolerant and I am a huge fan of your work, although I still strongly dislike non-Waterflame techno. You dont know how to fly? Its easy, you just have to throw yourself at the gound and miss!

Waterflame responds:

lol, thank you for kind words :D <3 yeah i guess the voice is kinda leading but, i loved it there. glad to hear that im converting so many =D its wierd how i have that effect on pepole.. most of my fans i know here in oslo are non electronical fans, with me beeing almost the only exeption o.O again, ty! i read all your reviews, its awesome of you to take the time!

and i sure know how to fly, i just dont remember how to lift off. :[

Candy kid music, respect!

Hey, anyone got a glow stick? Good job for 5 hours man!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! :D i got glowsticks!! D: