Reviews for "-Welcome to metropolis-"

My feets moves to the beat!

Awesome work! :D I dont know how many people using metropolis in their songs!

but to be honest you're and paragon got the best once! EVER! Keep it up!

this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

your music rocks best song ever

I really like it!

It has a really nice sound to it. It's perfect for a game I'm planning.
nice work!


Its really good....but like tucalipe said....it makes me think of asian girls dancing on a table or a pole or something....o_o..?

Good music anyways (still dreaming of them wimminz :P lol jk)


Wonderful. I'm keeping track of all your submissions and you don't stop amazing me each submission!
This one, for some reason, makes me think of japanese girls dancing on japan's nite...
Keep up the excelent work!

Waterflame responds:

haha, sounds about right! thank you for the review! ^^ <3