Reviews for "-Welcome to metropolis-"

Once again, a song gives me inspiration

I would love to make an animation to this (if I had some decent software). It would probably be about an angel who is just learning to use her wings. In other words, she don't know how to fly.

Waterflame responds:

ha, nice :D i would love to see it ^-^ thank you!

Awesome Song

I love it! Very spacey and futuristic. There's not one part of this song that isn't catchy. 9/10 5/5

Also, lol at L4T3RD4Y5.

Waterflame responds:

sweet :D thank you :D


This is like happy hardcore... I don't care if it isn't, that's the playlist I'm putting it under on my itunes :P

Waterflame responds:

i can totally see what you mean, if i remade this with hard 4o4 drums and lead synths, it would be perfect for happy hardcore, heh XD thank you! glad you like it

Damn epic.

this is indescribably epic!

Also, @ L4T3RD4Y5: You don't know much about WaterFlame, eh..?

Waterflame responds:

Hehe, thanks :D nop guess he dont :P


This is good but definitely not one of your best. I like "-Ricochet Love-" a lot.

I hope you will be banned for that comment. I wasted 20 mins of my life trying to find out what this useless kid(you) was babbling about... finally i find the song "Metropolis Zone" not "Metropolis" and the songs are nothing alike.

Before trying to taint the name of one of the greatest NG music artists do your homework first moron.