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Reviews for "Kryptonite (Acapella)"

Very well done

Wow, what a well done song, you really did a credit to the original song. Everyone did an amazing job, I can't even think of anything you guys could improve on.


I've been in choir for a few years, and as I know, accapella is pretty hard to master, just like jazz band ( acapella) or anything like recreating songs.
This is a great acappella song, the only little crtisisms i have are try and balance a bit better (just a little bit ) , work on timing a TID bit, and make it longer! It's very awesome. I hope you didn't take any of my hints the wrong way, their just mearly suggestions! :) You all are great! Keep going!

awesome, lots of fun

Great job dude! Your songs are a great playlist on my ipod. Can tell you put alot of work in em. Really creative. Thanks for the good tunes.


Great job,its awesome :D


love the change

FolegAlmighty responds:

Love YOU.