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Reviews for "Kryptonite (Acapella)"


"picks up lighter and waves his arm around" :D

Wow, you guys are amazing

This is one of my favourite songs from ages back, I love this acapella remix aswell.

Good arrangement.

The arrangement of the background vocals in this piece is beautifully innovative. It stays true to the original while taking it to a uniquely "new" place, which is apt for this sort of medium.

The lead vocalist, however, lacks the energy of his backup. He's slightly out of tune and hasn't the edge of tone necessary to really pull this off. His voice isn't inherently bad; this piece is just not a good fit for him.

Now that is something new...

Quite amazing.

I'm so downloading this. :)

THIS IS AMAZING! I love the voice overlay, it makes the song much more fun. I actually have to say, I like this better than the original! Keep making more music! :)