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Reviews for "Kryptonite (Acapella)"

PROPS for this.

I'm hearing some bum notes here and there but that doesn't matter. THIS kinda music is hard to do. Its all vocal so for that you get credit. Great work for this and keep it up sir!


awesome, lots of fun

Great job dude! Your songs are a great playlist on my ipod. Can tell you put alot of work in em. Really creative. Thanks for the good tunes.

dude, holy shit

i got shivers, i only get shivers when a song is absolutely amazing. nice job. i love acapella and you chose a good song. jesus christ faved and dled 5/5 10/10 nothing more to say.


I've been in choir for a few years, and as I know, accapella is pretty hard to master, just like jazz band ( acapella) or anything like recreating songs.
This is a great acappella song, the only little crtisisms i have are try and balance a bit better (just a little bit ) , work on timing a TID bit, and make it longer! It's very awesome. I hope you didn't take any of my hints the wrong way, their just mearly suggestions! :) You all are great! Keep going!


the low voice is hillarious !!! but the huge compling of the voices is so in sync its great :)